blueflames300Sometimes we get asked by people, “What does that mean exactly?” It truly means that we will fix it right or it’s free! It’s that simple! No hidden meanings, no fine print. When we come to your home to diagnose a problem, we will do a thorough diagnosis taking as much time as needed. You only pay the flat rate service call fee. Once we have figured out the cause of the problems, we will quote you a flat rate on the repair. Most likely we can do the repair right then and there because we stock our trucks like we would a mini warehouse. Most likely the technician will have the part that you need right on his truck and can make that repair right away.

If for some reason, the repair fails again that season, we will repair it again absolutely free! Specific repairs are guaranteed for up to two years or the repair is free!

You can call us at ANY time because we are a true 24 hour a day / 365 day a year business. Whenever you call us, a live person will answer the phone, so rest assured! 72 Degrees The Comfort Company will always be there to keep you comfortable!

Need to schedule an appointment?

If this is an emergency, please call us right away at 517-278-6811 or 260-833-4331!

If this is something that can wait until the next business day you can Schedule An Appointment online and someone will call you or e-mail you on the next business day to confirm your appointment.