Letter From the Owner


gerryGrowing up, I was heavily involved in Cub Scouts which was a great for me, because they provided an environment that encouraged me to keep learning. I knew that after school was over, I would need a career that would continue to challenge me.

Right after high school, I entered the Heating and Air Conditioning trade by working for my uncle. I learned an awful lot from him and he kept me on my toes. This fostered me to stay in the Heating & Air Conditioning trade where I have been for nearly 50 years. I have worked for several companies and in many of them, I could spot what they were doing right and what they were doing wrong. 

In 2001 with the encouragement of my family I started my own Heating & Air Conditioning company in Fremont, IN which has now evolved to 72 Degrees—The Comfort Company. I am very proud to say that we don’t make the same mistakes that I saw while working for other people. We provide generous health benefits for our company and we always make sure to treat the customer like they are a member of our family. Our motto is “Fixed Right or it’s Free™”, and that is not just lip service.

We stand behind our work and we treat our employees well. Our company has grown primarily from word of mouth which is the best compliment a customer can give us! We answer our phones 24 hours a day/365 days a year without fail. We treat our customers and their homes the way they deserve to be treated. We maintain a continuing education program for our technicians and equip them with the most advanced tools available.

Since we are a family owned company, we put a high value on meaning what you say. After all, we are the role models for our children. So, you can rest assured when we tell you that it is “Fixed Right or it’s Free™”.


Gerald Lohmeyer