technician300Purchasing a home comfort system is not the same as purchasing any other type of home appliance. When you purchase an appliance you generally narrow down which brand and model you want, shop for the best price, take it home and plug it in. That makes sense because you’re getting exactly the same product from any dealer. Not so with heating and air conditioning equipment! You don’t just take it home and plug it in. It’s like saying all homes are built the same, we just need to pick the accessories.

Did you know that 75% of the reason a heating or cooling product performs and lasts the designed life is due to the quality of the installation and Maintenance? That’s right, only 25% of the equipment life expectancy and performance is determined by the manufacturer. The main reason is that there is a lot of field fabrication and expertise involved with the installation and assembly of heating and cooling equipment. It’s similar to putting a refrigerator together at the factory, only we do it at your home. If it isn’t done correctly the manufacturers name plate on the equipment is irrelevant.

install pictureYou may have noticed that some other heating and air conditioning companies will have a manufacturer’s logo on their trucks. Typically the reason why they have done this is because they have agreed to exclusively sell that manufacturer’s products. At 72 Degrees The Comfort Company, we have never done this. We believe that no single brand makes the best equipment in every product line. By not aligning ourselves with one brand, we can offer you the best equipment for your home. By using our stellar installation crews, and the best equipment for your home, we can make sure that your investment is protected and you are not going to end up with a “Lemon”.

When we come to your home to quote you on a new home comfort system, we will do a complete engineering analysis and a comfort survey to determine the best system for your home. This does take some time for us to do, but there is absolutely no charge to you for it. We stand behind our work and that is why we take this step. We want to make sure to get it right the first time. To show you that we mean business, we offer our “One Year Test Drive” warranty. This means that if for any reason during the first year of your new home comfort system’s life, if you are not satisfied and we cannot make you satisfied, we will remove the equipment and give you a full refund of your initial investment. In other words, you CANNOT go wrong by selecting 72 Degrees The Comfort Company to do this work for you!

Call us today at 517-278-6811 or 260-833-4331 to Schedule an Appointment to have a Comfort Advisor come out to your home and complete the engineering analysis and comfort survey for free!