Air Conditioning Inspections

maintenanceYour evaporator coil is typically encased in a metal box and that makes inspections especially difficult.  When an evaporator coil gets clogged up, the condensation that is removed from the air when the air conditioner is in use can leak out of this metal box and cause quite a mess!  In addition to the mess, it can also damage your furnace.

Using the revolutionary Inspector inspection camera, we can get a video of the inside of your evaporator coil.  You can see for yourself if it is clean or not!  By taking this step, you can get some “Peace of Mind” in knowing that you are not going to find a leaky evaporator coil during the summer. 

Even better than that “Peace of Mind” is that there is no additional charge for this inspection.  We include them free of charge with every tune-up and service call.

Learn more about why a Precision Tune-Up is vital to the health of your air conditioner!

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